Wanderlust Wednesday: the White Desert in Farafra, Egypt

Egypt isn’t just home to pyramids and hieroglyphics. Beautiful and rich as the presence of ancient art there is, it would be unfortunate to overlook the region for its equally stunning natural features. Today, we’re dreaming about one of Egypt’s natural treasures – the White Desert.

White Desert in Farafra, Egypt -- creamy sands and oasis waters

A dreamy natural oasis in one of Egypt’s largest desert regions.

Located in the sunken Farafra region, also home to an oasis of hot springs and town quarters featuring local traditional architecture, the White Desert is a national park and popular attraction for both Egyptian and international visitors.

The desert is known for several of its unique features. Its creamy white sands range from snow-white to dusky, hence its name. Even more surreal are its rock formations — it’s home to a number of unearthly, breathtaking structures called “mushrooms.” They’re made of windblown chalk rock and seem to defy gravity. It’s hard to believe they’re made by nature’s sandstorms and not humankind!

It’s inspired some beautiful visuals — the Klaxons shot their video for “Echoes” here, and “larger-than-life” Bollywood blockbuster Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham featured the desert (and some shots of the Great Pyramid in Cairo) as a stunning backdrop for one of the film’s romantic songs. The desert does have that cinematic charm — we think it would be so, so dreamy to travel here.

A rock formation in Egypt's White Desert illuminated by a full moon.

A rock formation in Egypt’s White Desert illuminated by a full moon.

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