Waitomo Glowworm Caves



Remarkably clean, safe, and spacious, New Zealand is known for being exceptionally tourist-friendly. You can’t go anywhere farther than 75 miles from a beach, and coffee and wine flows as abundantly as the ocean among New Zealanders. But for all of its alluring familiarities, this California-sized island holds many beautifully strange treasures.


Over a century ago, equipped with only their makeshift raft and candelight, two explorers ventured into limestone caverns on the North Island of New Zealand and discovered an ambient fairytale-land. Gazing above them, they found the light’s source- thousands of glowworms that lined the cave’s ceiling and reflected off the water. These naturally luminescent – or “bioluminescent” creatures have continued to attract tourists for over a century to what is now known as the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.


Though a visit to this popular attraction can be up to $50 a pop, these wondrous worms glow to attract food – not tourists. They will go wherever there is an over-hanging surface and abundant prey – caves just happen to create the prettiest spectacle for us humans. In the damp darkness, the silk threads the worms produce to catch other insects resemble strings of pearls. While we can admire these fairy-like bugs from afar, their beauty is deadly to smaller creatures.

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