Can We Please Live In A Geode?

Guest Post by Jackie Dorey
Can We Live Inside Of A Geode? - Weekday WanderlustThis week’s dreamy wonder of the world is not a specific location we could wander around on our next vacation, but I’d certainly love to if I could. Modest rocks on the outside and glimmering caverns on the inside, geodes are truly hidden gems. I can’t help but wish I could shrink down to the size of a pebble and explore the complex worlds of geodes from the inside like Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic Schoolbus.”


Geodes are unfortunately not inhabitable, but they are much more accessible than many of the faraway places previously featured. Collecting sites can be found in deserts all throughout the world. The Cinnamon Geode Beds in Southern California are known for their warm, cinnamon-brown quartz interiors.

You’ve probably seen one adorning a book shelf or mantelpiece somewhere.  My first glimpse of a Geode was in my aunt’s eclectically decorated living room. Of all her offbeat treasures like antique storage chests and beaded curtains, the lilac crystal-encrusted Geode on her mantelpiece was the most mesmerizing. As a kid, I couldn’t believe these beauties were naturally-occurring like any other old rock in my backyard. Just goes to show how gorgeous nature can be.

Thanks Jackie! <3

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