Antelope Canyon -- Weekday Wanderlust

Antelope Canyon: Where Water Takes A Selfie

Antelope Canyon -- Weekday WanderlustWhat in nature has got the following?
•fluid spirals
•magnificent crests and troughs
•known for its beautiful flowing lines and expressive curves

You might be thinking of water — a tidal wave, a rippling lake, a rhythmic river. However, all of the above qualities echo in the gorgeous spirals and formations of Antelope Canyon, found in Navajo Nation, Arizona.


Nature and the interplay of its elements can be a sublime and awe-inspiring force. At Antelope Canyon, the rock formations hold the imprint of the water and time that have sculpted them — a physical testament to its own history. No wonder the formations are so famous — we think of rocks as hard, jagged, solid, not smooth and flowing. But Antelope Canyon is proof that all forms of earth are fluid and responsive.
The particular type of rock that eroded to form the slots, beams, and spirals of the canyon is known as Navajo Sandstone — its home is in the western United States, and indeed is found in portions of Arizona and Utah that are also home to Navajo Nation. The site is on Navajo territory, and is only accessible through guided tours run by the Navajo, as it is a sacred place for them:

“To Navajo people, entering Antelope Canyon is like entering a cathedral. They pause before entering to be in the right frame of mind and as a sign of respect. This also allows them to leave feeling uplifted by what Mother Nature has to offer, and to be in harmony with something greater than themselves. It was, and is, a spiritual experience.”

Antelope Canyon -- Weekday Wanderlust

Parts of the “beams” in Upper Antelope Canyon really do even look like a sandstone cathedral.

Beautifully, their name for Antelope Canyon is a bit more poetic than just referring to the kind of animal that is most populous in the area: it’s referred to as “the place where the water takes a picture of itself.” We agree — Mother Nature takes excellent selfies.


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